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  1. Sir I can't see any job for freshers in this field. I am bsc nautical science fresher. If no company will take us then how would we called experienced some day. If you have any solution/ suggestions for this please take necessary steps for the same.
    Thank you

    1. Dear Mr. Ashish Kumar Currently we have no vacancy for fresher deck cadet ! if any vacancy come for fresher deck cadet then we will post on our blog ! please regularly read our blog for latest requirements!

  2. Respected Sir,

    I am Chandan Kumar. I am a 3rd Officer-Fresher (Indian COC). I am interested in serving your esteemed company as an officer for as long as the company want my services. I am herewith attaching my CV for you to have a look at it and
    consider my application. I will be highly grateful if you take some interest in considering my application and provide me with an opportunity to serve your esteemed company. I will definitely prove myself worthy of it and of the loyalty factor.

    Please do consider my RESUME, if you consider me eligible for the same.

    Hoping a positive feedback from your part.

    Phone No.- +91-7277676737


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